General Information

XP: x200, SP: x120, Adena: x300 (lv1-70), x100(lv71-80), Drops: x1, Spoil: x1, Party XP/SP: x2

Adena rate changes at level 70. From leves 1-70, the adena rate is x300. This helps new players to purchase items. However, once you reach level 71, the adena rate drops at x100. Keep in mind that there is no command which disabled your xp gain, so don’t bother creating new characters in order to enjoy triple adena rates.

Skills are auto-learned until you reach level 80. Once you hit level 80, you must visit your trainer and learn level-80 skills. Some classes require much SP in order to learn all the skills, while others don’t require any.

Advancing to a new class is free and a pop-up window appears on your screen once you reach the appropriate level (20, 40, 76).

Dyes have been removed, since +STR added way too much P.Atk with the increased stats.

Noblesse and the Olympiad Games have been removed.

The are 20 buff slots available, but at lv80 you can learn Divine Inspiration and unlock 4 more buff slots, which makes the available slots 24.

Buffs last for 9 hours and are not lost upon death.


Safe enchant is +3 and max is +25. The enchant chance gets lower with each enchant. Here is the detailed list:
+1:100%, +2:100%, +3:100%, +4:96%, +5:92%, +6:88%, +7:84%, +8:80%, +9:76%, +10:72%, +11:68%, +12:64%, +13:60%, +14:56%, +15:62%, +16:58%, +17:57%, +18:56%, +19:54%, +20:53%, +21:52%, +22:51%, +23:50%, +24:49%, +25:48%

Normal enchant scrolls will break your weapon if the enchant fails, while Blessed enchant scrolls will keep it untouched. You can get blessed enchant scrolls from Raid Bosses.

Enchanted tattoos give more stats. For example a Tattoo (Body) gives +20% HP, while a +10 Tattoo (Body) gives +30% HP.

Skill enchanting is enabled, but you must first farm some Secret Books of Giants, which is extremely difficult. Get yourself in a full party and get inside Cave of Trials.


There is a Scheme NPC Buffer available in all towns, but she only provides low-level buffs. For high-level buffs, you must find another character (Hierophant, Sword Muse etc), or get yourself an AIO Buffer.

There are no custom teleporters or gm-shops, but all the retail stores have been modified instead. You can visit the nearest Grocery store and buy scrolls, soulshots etc, or a weapon shop to get weapons from No-Grade to B-Grade.


All items are dropped on the floor, but for a few hours per day, auto looting is enabled.

A-Grade and top-tier gear can be found at Giran’s Luxury Shop. You will find Ironspine and Eloria there.

A-Grade weapons can be bestowed with a Special Ability, like Acumen or Empower. Most of the required materials can be purchased from Eloria in Giran’s Luxury Shop. Letters of Recommendation can be earned by staying online, since you receive 1 letter per hour.

A-Grade armors and Jewels can be purchased as Sealed and be unsealed in Giran’s Luxury Shop.

There are custom tattoos and you can wear two tattoos at the same time. Left-side tattoos are class based, while right tattoos as stat-based. For example, there is a left tattoo for the archer class and a right tattoo which gives specifically P. Atk.

Top-Tier items require farming materials. You can farm Seal Stones (Blue, Green, Red) at Anthara’s Lair or School of Dark Arts. Once you have a few Seal Stones, visit the nearest Dusk Priestess in order to convert them to Ancient Adena.

You can find Coals at Abandoned Coal Mines and Crystals (Fire, Water etc) at Cave of Trials.

Mana and Healing potions can be found at the Grocery Store, but they only provide healing over time. There are no quick potions, and there will never be.

S-Grade Weapons, Greater Tattoos, Custom S-Grade Armors, Jewels etc will be added in the future in order to maintain balance.


All classes have been modifed. Once you reach level 76 and complete your third class transfer, your stats are increased. Avoid PvP or killing monsters in areas marked as “Edited” until you get your increased stats.

Healers have their own items, like armor-sets and tattoos, which increase their healing power.

Dagger classes are only good at using skills, rather than normal hits. Weapons have been modified and enchanting them provides more skill damage to the dagger classes. So, enchant your daggers and enjoy more damage from blow strikes.

Cancellation removes 5 random buffs for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the buffs are restored.

Speak to Oliver and he can give specific information about your class.


Clan leveling is retail-like. You must complete quests in order to advance your clan’s level to 4 and 5. Reputation can also be obtained by killing Raid Bosses.

If a clan rules over a Castle, all the NPCs in town bear its crest.

Clan skills have been modified and provide increased stats. In order to learn the skills, the clan must first kill Raid Bosses and get the required items and reputation.

This is a unique Server with many features to come. Get your clan, sharpen your swords and get ready to rule over the others!