Project's lifespan

We started L2GoldenEra with passion and we intend to keep it alive as long as possible. We love transparency and this is why we announce the project's remaining lifetime.

Its life expectancy comes from from maintenance costs and advertising costs. We give priority to maintenance costs, but we must also invest in advertising, escpecially in the early years.

We have the required budget to promote the project until 30th October 2020

We have the required budget to cover maintenance costs, having the server live up until 30th September 2021

The contributions we receive from donations are split into the above two categories, increasing the lifetime of the project. For example, the first donations will be given to the promotion of the server, as the maintenance costs are covered for a long time. The above dates will be renewed each time our budget increases, either through player contributions or through our own funds.

Donations will be available in the near future and they will not disturb the game's balance.